Share hope. Send it in a backpack.

What do we do?
  "Share hope. Send it in a backpack. " is our ongoing and growing international children's project, American schools, organizations, students and individuals donate gently used or new backpacks, new school supplies, and raise funds for shipping. Over 60 schools, organizations and churches have participated. Backpacks have come from as far away as the Stanford Middle School in Palo Alto, California. Our foundation supplements with school supplies and the bulk of the monster shipping costs.
Why do we ship backpacks?
  "Backpacks stand as a symbol of learning for students everywhere. Learning helps us think and grow. Knowledge helps us understand. Understanding hopefully leads to peace." This project provides much needed resources to children many miles away, and also teaches valuable lessons to the children of area communities. This two-tiered benefit for children, local and worldwide, is at the core of our work.
How many backpacks have been shipped?
  At last count we have shipped approximately 6,000 "vessels of hope" to children caught in conflict, living in extreme poverty, or affected by natural disasters throughout the world.
Where are backpacks sent?
  Specific delivery locations include the cities and outlying areas: Pristina, Kosovo; Sucre, Bolivia; Columbo, Sri Lanka; Lima, Peru; Chalmette, Diamond, and the lower 9th ward of Louisiana; Bagamoyo, Tanzania; Saiqi, China; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Multiple shipments have been delivered to some locations.

How can you be a part of it?

How can your organization host a backpack drive?
  It's simple! Collect donations of gently used backpacks, new school supplies, or raise funds for shipping costs. We fill the backpacks and get them into the hands of students eager to receive these tools of learning. Helping each other across the globe is a beautiful example of compassion in action! "Act locally" and "affect children globally." Please consider participating in this worthwhile project. See a list of schools that have participated.
What can students or individuals do?

• Donate gently used backpacks
• Purchase school supplies from our given list (download from toolkit above)
• Sponsor a coin collection drive for shipping, “Change to change the world”
• Choose to purchase a new backpack
• Write personal letters to students receiving the backpacks

What can schools do?
  • Creatively construct opportunities to excite kids
• Send notes home to explain the project (download from toolkit above)
• Set up decorated receptacles for collection
• Advertise school wide with posters, flyers, etc.
• Host a school assembly to share with students (We can help you with this!)
• Design classroom contests and goals
• Raise funds through a coin collection drive
• Set up glass jars to collect "Change to Change the World "
• Set a school-wide goal and motivator if reached

• Make frequent announcements to update progress
• Inspire students to help each other!
What can organizations do?
  • Send information to all membership about participation in project
• Share project with members of group in meeting format
• Solicit Aspire.Inspire.
Foundation Board member to share our story at meeting
• Set an organizational goal to be reached, backpacks, supplies, dollars
• Inspire members to help us send "vessels of hope" where needed

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