Share Hope: Send it in a backpack
Backpack collection finished as of  January 1, 2012

The Aspire.Inspire. Foundation began in 2002.  Its" ongoing project, "Share hope. Send it in a backpack." was hatched.  It changed countless children's lives both here in America and all over the world.

In approximately 30 shipments, close to 10,000 backpacks have been delivered.  In the U.S.  we have delivered to Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa and here in Illinois in our own community.  Abroad we have reached kids in Sri lanka, Tanzania, Peru, Guatemala, Kosovo, Haiti, Brazil and Bolivia.  Just imagine all that goodness going from one kid to another! We are so grateful to have played a small part in it by collecting, shipping, and delivering these vessels of hope where they have been sorely needed.

This past  year we delivered two massive shipments. We delivered to Joplin, MO after the tornado. We also delivered to Tanzania. Our final shipment is on a container making its way to Port au Prince, Haiti. After two years out from the quake, the devestation to the land and its' people..and in our case mose especially its' children is unimaginable. It seems fitting that our last international shipment will be going where it can be so poignantly used.

It has truly  been a privilege and honor to be a conduit for kids everywhere. We thank them for letting each other! 

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